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The second son of Levi Harden, Charley Harden (1876-1953), left home during the late 1890s. He was not heard from for many, many years leaving his Spokane family wondering if he was still alive. Turns out that Charlie had settled in Perry Co., Arkansas where he married into the prominent Gilmore family. Charlies wife, Annie, died at about the age of 30. Shortly afterwards, a dispute broke out between Charlie and his in-laws in which Charlie was forced to flee the region to save his life. He escaped to Oklahoma, which had become a haven for outlaws, and changed his name to Charlie Coleman, a name he maintained for the remainder of his life. He remarried and had six more children. His new family was unaware of his previous life as a Harden until shortly before his death.
One man, two families-

Roys father, John Fletcher Pryer (1839-1913), had four daughters with his first wife, Susan. After her death at the age of 29 in Callaway Co., Missouri, John returned to his old home place in Venango Co., Pennsylvania to locate homes in which his four girls could be raised. After doing so, John returned to Missouri and shortly afterward moved to Lawrence, Kansas where he remarried in 1872 to a young widow, Sarah (Wilkinson) Pieratt. John and Sarah had seven children of which their youngest son was Roy L. Pryer. During his lifetime, Roy never saw two of his half-sisters who remained in the East during their lifetime.
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Shot a bear

John Pryer posing with a bear shot near his property in Christian county Missouri
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