Wilkes Co., North Carolina


Latitude: 36.2028580, Longitude: -81.2518833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Case, Hannah  Abt 1778Wilkes Co., North Carolina I43199
2 Flanary, Martha  20 Dec 1779Wilkes Co., North Carolina I19663
3 Gideon, James H.  1813Wilkes Co., North Carolina I75209
4 Greer, Amos  Abt 1780Wilkes Co., North Carolina I23080
5 Greer, Annis Tuline  31 Oct 1817Wilkes Co., North Carolina I29130
6 Greer, Caroline Matilda  Abt 1786Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24738
7 Greer, Delilah (Dilly)  Abt 1782Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7770
8 Greer, Ephraim Allen  5 Oct 1813Wilkes Co., North Carolina I29128
9 Greer, Isaac  3 Jul 1791Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24739
10 Greer, Isaac Newton  10 Mar 1798Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24889
11 Greer, Jesse Jr.  30 Dec 1788Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7807
12 Greer, John  9 Dec 1783Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7804
13 Greer, Martha Ann Reed  20 Dec 1819Wilkes Co., North Carolina I29131
14 Greer, Nancy  Abt 1786Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7806
15 Greer, Sarah  Abt 1780Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7805
16 Greer, Sarah Perkins  23 Sep 1815Wilkes Co., North Carolina I29129
17 Greer, Smith  6 Apr 1786Wilkes Co., North Carolina I23082
18 Greer, Thomas  Oct 1790Wilkes Co., North Carolina I29918
19 Hampton, Allie (Ala)  Abt 1804Wilkes Co., North Carolina I23860
20 Hampton, Amos  Abt 1794Wilkes Co., North Carolina I23753
21 Hampton, James  Abt 1786Wilkes Co., North Carolina I23590
22 Hampton, James  Abt 1792Wilkes Co., North Carolina I27659
23 Hampton, Jesse  Abt 1793Wilkes Co., North Carolina I23755
24 Hampton, Joel  Abt 1799Wilkes Co., North Carolina I40811
25 Hampton, John  Abt 1788Wilkes Co., North Carolina I26009
26 Hampton, Johnson  Abt 1775Wilkes Co., North Carolina I42165
27 Hampton, Joshua  Abt 1792Wilkes Co., North Carolina I9106
28 Hampton, May (Mollie)  1785Wilkes Co., North Carolina I27479
29 Hampton, Micajah  Abt 1790Wilkes Co., North Carolina I27707
30 Hampton, Nancy  5 Feb 1785Wilkes Co., North Carolina I23594
31 Hampton, Rachel  Abt 1784Wilkes Co., North Carolina I41950
32 Hampton, Sally  Abt 1800Wilkes Co., North Carolina I23592
33 Mitchell, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Wilkes Co., North Carolina I8359
34 Mitchell, Joshua  Aug 1773Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7801
35 Mitchell, Moses  Abt 1779Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7769
36 Mitchell, Nancy  24 Mar 1782Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7785
37 Mitchell, Rachel  Abt 1802Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7768
38 Mitchell, Sarah  Abt 1796Wilkes Co., North Carolina I8360
39 Mitchell, Wheeler  Abt 1784Wilkes Co., North Carolina I8358
40 Mitchell, William  Abt 1798Wilkes Co., North Carolina I8361
41 Norris, Nancy  14 Apr 1803Wilkes Co., North Carolina I29858
42 Norris, William Simon  4 Feb 1778Wilkes Co., North Carolina I43198
43 Robinette, James  Abt 1811Wilkes Co., North Carolina I35106
44 Robinette, Joel  1812Wilkes Co., North Carolina I35107
45 Robinette, Lavinia  Abt 1797Wilkes Co., North Carolina I35109
46 Spradling, Agnes  Abt 1788Wilkes Co., North Carolina I9113
47 Spradling, Anna  Abt 1794Wilkes Co., North Carolina I27172
48 Spradling, Frances  Abt 1790Wilkes Co., North Carolina I9114
49 Spradling, Sarah  1808Wilkes Co., North Carolina I40004
50 Spradling, William  1794Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24398

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Case, Hannah  Abt 1804Wilkes Co., North Carolina I43199
2 Greer, Jesse  28 Oct 1788Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7781
3 Greer, John  APR/MAY 1782Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7787
4 Greer, Joshua  FALL 1796Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24731
5 Hampton, Jacob  1801Wilkes Co., North Carolina I26075
6 Hampton, James  Abt 1785Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24458
7 Hampton, Jeremiah  Abt 1838Wilkes Co., North Carolina I27656
8 Hampton, Thomas  Apr 1817Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24717
9 Hampton, Turner  Abt Oct 1834Wilkes Co., North Carolina I26077
10 Hampton, Welcome William  Wilkes Co., North Carolina I27655
11 Laws, Abigail (Abbey)  1828Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24718
12 Mitchell, Elizabeth  1820'SWilkes Co., North Carolina I8359
13 Mitchell, James  Abt 1787Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7783
14 Mitchell, Wheeler  1840Wilkes Co., North Carolina I8358
15 Mitchell, William  Wilkes Co., North Carolina I74870
16 Mitchell, William  Abt 1831Wilkes Co., North Carolina I8242
17 Spradling, James (Jack)  7 Feb 1808Wilkes Co., North Carolina I9118
18 Walker, Nancy Ann  Abt 1804Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24729
19 Wheeler, Abigail  Aft 1830Wilkes Co., North Carolina I8356
20 Wilcoxson, Nancy  31 Oct 1790Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24864


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Greer, John  Wilkes Co., North Carolina I7787
2 Hampton, Jacob  Wilkes Co., North Carolina I26075
3 Hampton, James  Wilkes Co., North Carolina I24458
4 Spradling, Charles  Wilkes Co., North Carolina I9108


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Hampton  17 Aug 1815Wilkes Co., North Carolina F15513
2 Chatham / Adams  Abt 1840Wilkes Co., North Carolina F28249
3 Demoss / Walker  11 Sep 1798Wilkes Co., North Carolina F9554
4 Greer / Atkinson  26 Apr 1791Wilkes Co., North Carolina F9546
5 Greer / Hampton  14 Aug 1779Wilkes Co., North Carolina F3007
6 Greer / Lowe  1 Jan 1786Wilkes Co., North Carolina F9279
7 Greer / Waters  31 Jan 1822Wilkes Co., North Carolina F23217
8 Hamby / Mitchell  1801Wilkes Co., North Carolina F3237
9 Hampton / Baker  17 Dec 1799Wilkes Co., North Carolina F16454
10 Hampton / Bowman  15 Jan 1806Wilkes Co., North Carolina F10668
11 Hampton / Broyhill  23 Sep 1815Wilkes Co., North Carolina F15514
12 Hampton / Freeman  Abt 1773Wilkes Co., North Carolina F9451
13 Hampton / Laws  20 Jun 1806Wilkes Co., North Carolina F10669
14 Hampton / Mikel  1 Dec 1813Wilkes Co., North Carolina F15511
15 Hampton / Mitchell  14 Nov 1783Wilkes Co., North Carolina F3015
16 Hampton / Souther  1803Wilkes Co., North Carolina F25620
17 Hampton / Waters  1 Feb 1803Wilkes Co., North Carolina F10667
18 Jones / Mitchell  27 Nov 1802Wilkes Co., North Carolina F3009
19 Lowe / Owen  5 Feb 1800Wilkes Co., North Carolina F35195
20 Magers / Wright  31 Oct 1782Wilkes Co., North Carolina F10643
21 Miller / Hampton  31 Oct 1827Wilkes Co., North Carolina F15518
22 Mitchell / Dyer  9 Jan 1823Wilkes Co., North Carolina F10691
23 Mitchell / Greer  30 Dec 1800Wilkes Co., North Carolina F3004
24 Mitchell / Hambrick  26 Aug 1778Wilkes Co., North Carolina F31031
25 Mitchell / Hampton  3 Jul 1791Wilkes Co., North Carolina F3017
26 Mitchell / Matherly  8 Aug 1805Wilkes Co., North Carolina F31032
27 Mitchell / Stonecipher  9 Mar 1818Wilkes Co., North Carolina F3238
28 Mitchell / Watson  3 May 1803Wilkes Co., North Carolina F3235
29 Norris / Case  8 Jun 1802Wilkes Co., North Carolina F16873
30 Robinette / Brown  1825Wilkes Co., North Carolina F31001
31 Robinette / Brown  1835Wilkes Co., North Carolina F31013
32 Spradling / Chapman  15 May 1802Wilkes Co., North Carolina F9286
33 Spradling / Hereford  11 Jan 1783Wilkes Co., North Carolina F11779
34 Spradling / Irvin  18 Jun 1780Wilkes Co., North Carolina F9285
35 Spradling / Thompson  13 Sep 1792Wilkes Co., North Carolina F9284
36 Swaim / Robinette  1812Wilkes Co., North Carolina F22288
37 Walker / Greer  14 Jan 1786Wilkes Co., North Carolina F8970