Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri


Latitude: 40.4855492, Longitude: -94.2885672


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Archibald Monroe (Archie)  24 Oct 1872Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3239
2 Campbell, Lawson  28 Jul 1877Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I42909
3 Carr, Alma Max  24 Aug 1913Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I24502
4 Carr, Barita Donald  11 Jul 1912Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I24501
5 Carr, Iola Margueritte  29 Sep 1918Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I24503
6 Combs, Cecil W.  6 Jun 1895Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I35157
7 Conn, George Mortimore  14 Sep 1872Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I75819
8 Daniels, Clara Bell  30 Jan 1861Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2990
9 Elliott, Claude Perry  25 Dec 1882Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I49535
10 Elliott, Orval Nelson  12 Jan 1891Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I49555
11 Hammer, Marion Alexander  27 Dec 1879Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I24475
12 House, Sarah Elizabeth  28 Jul 1864Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2993
13 McClure, Alfred Raleigh  18 Jan 1891Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I49554
14 Rush, DeCola Dayle (Trudy)  28 Jul 1909Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I43976
15 Wachholtz, Louise  10 Jun 1915Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I35288
16 Wachholtz, Lucile  10 Jun 1915Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I35289
17 Warner, Opal Viola  16 Jul 1886Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2954
18 Wilkinson, Alfred Floral  21 Jan 1900Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2944
19 Wilkinson, Aubrey Lester  7 Mar 1884Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3320
20 Wilkinson, David Arnold  28 May 1925Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I35563
21 Wilkinson, Dorothy Louise  6 Dec 1931Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I24485
22 Wilkinson, Incidella (Della)  7 Nov 1880Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3290
23 Wilkinson, Lavenea Zula  19 Oct 1907Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3325
24 Wilkinson, Mary Maude  22 Oct 1928Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I24394
25 Wilkinson, Melvin Clifford  25 Mar 1896Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3322
26 Wilkinson, Ransom Elisha  13 Sep 1892Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3321
27 Wilkinson, Trusten Colme  3 Apr 1909Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3327
28 Wilkinson, William Russell  31 Mar 1923Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I24482
29 Young, Clifton Albert (Jinks)  15 Dec 1889Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clark, Vernon D.  15 Nov 1999Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3683
2 Conn, George Mortimore  17 Sep 1919Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I75819
3 Daniels, Clara Bell  12 Sep 1942Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2990
4 Gerald, Mary Jane  31 Mar 1931Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2933
5 Hammer, Zenas G.  Oct 1977Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I44007
6 Herman, Johanna  24 Jul 1934Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I43966
7 Hunt, Maude  1971Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3326
8 Montgomery, Pearl Elizabeth  Apr 1979Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I28405
9 Roberts, Charles Harlan  9 Oct 1913Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I80074
10 Wilkinson, Aubrey Lester  2 Jan 1971Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3320
11 Wilkinson, Bertie Everett  24 Jan 1964Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2940
12 Wilkinson, Dorothy Louise  9 Dec 1931Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I24485
13 Wilkinson, Myrtle M.  28 Mar 1954Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3292
14 Wilkinson, Richard Perry  13 Jan 1913Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2188
15 Wilkinson, Vanita Ruth  22 Sep 1985Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I3682
16 Young, John Clifton  15 Sep 1994Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri I2953


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wilkinson / Warner  29 Jun 1913Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri F1295
2 Young / Wilkinson  5 Nov 1911Allendale, Worth Co., Missouri F1294