McMinn Co., Tennessee



Latitude: 35.4037048, Longitude: -84.6479124


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bain, Almira  Abt 1856McMinn Co., Tennessee I34341
2 Bain, Clementine  McMinn Co., Tennessee I31668
3 Bain, Elmina  McMinn Co., Tennessee I31670
4 Bain, Hugh A.  22 Aug 1859McMinn Co., Tennessee I17446
5 Bain, Jackson D.  30 May 1864McMinn Co., Tennessee I41386
6 Bain, James R.  McMinn Co., Tennessee I31671
7 Bain, James R.  Abt 1857McMinn Co., Tennessee I34342
8 Bain, Jefferson Arthur  19 Dec 1861McMinn Co., Tennessee I41385
9 Bain, Nancy L.  Abt 1858McMinn Co., Tennessee I34343
10 Bain, Nancy T.  McMinn Co., Tennessee I31672
11 Bain, Parthena E.  1860McMinn Co., Tennessee I34361
12 Bain, Ruel Arthur  15 Jul 1925McMinn Co., Tennessee I50654
13 Bain, Sarah J.  McMinn Co., Tennessee I31669
14 Billingsly, William  Abt 1830McMinn Co., Tennessee I5369
15 Boyd, Ann P.  9 Jul 1851McMinn Co., Tennessee I34494
16 Boyd, Darius Miller  14 Oct 1854McMinn Co., Tennessee I34456
17 Boyd, David Abraham  27 Jan 1862McMinn Co., Tennessee I34581
18 Boyd, David Lafayette  12 Dec 1841McMinn Co., Tennessee I34509
19 Boyd, Elizabeth  5 Aug 1840McMinn Co., Tennessee I34496
20 Boyd, Frances Matilda  Jul 1852McMinn Co., Tennessee I34455
21 Boyd, James Andrew  17 Jun 1866McMinn Co., Tennessee I34580
22 Boyd, James B.  7 Jan 1845McMinn Co., Tennessee I34498
23 Boyd, James Columbus  11 Apr 1854McMinn Co., Tennessee I34511
24 Boyd, John  17 Jul 1842McMinn Co., Tennessee I34499
25 Boyd, John Wesley Miller  27 Mar 1850McMinn Co., Tennessee I34481
26 Boyd, Lydia Ann Missouri  24 Dec 1856McMinn Co., Tennessee I34457
27 Boyd, Martha J.  17 Oct 1854McMinn Co., Tennessee I34497
28 Boyd, Martha Leanna  18 Jan 1848McMinn Co., Tennessee I34453
29 Boyd, Mary A.  Abt 1859McMinn Co., Tennessee I34468
30 Boyd, Mary Annice  6 Oct 1843McMinn Co., Tennessee I34477
31 Boyd, Mary Jane  Abt 1837McMinn Co., Tennessee I34492
32 Boyd, Mary Susan  8 Jun 1846McMinn Co., Tennessee I34452
33 Boyd, Phillip Melancthon  27 Mar 1850McMinn Co., Tennessee I34482
34 Boyd, Rachel Tennessee  5 Jun 1859McMinn Co., Tennessee I34458
35 Boyd, Robert H.  Abt 1826McMinn Co., Tennessee I3696
36 Boyd, Sarah Catherine  Nov 1849McMinn Co., Tennessee I34454
37 Boyd, Sarah Francis Amelia  11 Dec 1847McMinn Co., Tennessee I34480
38 Boyd, Susan Caroline  12 Oct 1845McMinn Co., Tennessee I34479
39 Boyd, Thomas J.  16 Apr 1848McMinn Co., Tennessee I34465
40 Christian, Arthur  May 1880McMinn Co., Tennessee I49849
41 Elliott, Pearson B.  11 Mar 1823McMinn Co., Tennessee I59770
42 Hammer, Simon Combs  9 Jun 1832McMinn Co., Tennessee I13569
43 Mercer, Dorothy M.  Abt 1910McMinn Co., Tennessee I59847
44 Miller, ______  1880McMinn Co., Tennessee I41388
45 Newman, John T.  Abt 1875McMinn Co., Tennessee I41383
46 Newman, Lewis H.  Abt 1878McMinn Co., Tennessee I41384
47 Newman, Samuel I.  Abt 1873McMinn Co., Tennessee I41382
48 Odom, Andrem W.  7 Mar 1861McMinn Co., Tennessee I59678
49 Odom, Ida Viola  22 Oct 1880McMinn Co., Tennessee I44347
50 Pardue, Charles M.  Abt 1906McMinn Co., Tennessee I59681

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bain, Arthur  1867McMinn Co., Tennessee I3792
2 Bain, Jefferson Arthur  6 Apr 1938McMinn Co., Tennessee I41385
3 Bain, Samuel R.  Jul 1859McMinn Co., Tennessee I3849
4 Boyd, Ann P.  30 Jul 1854McMinn Co., Tennessee I34494
5 Boyd, Caroline M.  30 May 1893McMinn Co., Tennessee I34411
6 Boyd, Darius Miller  28 Dec 1922McMinn Co., Tennessee I34456
7 Boyd, David Lafayette  16 Jan 1842McMinn Co., Tennessee I34509
8 Boyd, Elizabeth  30 Sep 1841McMinn Co., Tennessee I34496
9 Boyd, Francis  20 May 1857McMinn Co., Tennessee I34463
10 Boyd, James B.  9 May 1846McMinn Co., Tennessee I34498
11 Boyd, James Columbus  17 Nov 1854McMinn Co., Tennessee I34511
12 Boyd, John  19 Jun 1849McMinn Co., Tennessee I34499
13 Boyd, Martha J.  15 Aug 1856McMinn Co., Tennessee I34497
14 Boyd, Mary Jane  23 Jun 1861McMinn Co., Tennessee I34492
15 Cooper, Phillip  1838McMinn Co., Tennessee I34504
16 Crabtree, Elizabeth  1839McMinn Co., Tennessee I34092
17 Haynes, Mary  28 Jan 1931McMinn Co., Tennessee I59679
18 Lee, William Nelson  Oct 1984McMinn Co., Tennessee I50638
19 McCarty, Leah  16 Oct 1863McMinn Co., Tennessee I19455
20 Mercer, John Sullivan  1925McMinn Co., Tennessee I59792
21 Odom, Andrem W.  31 May 1928McMinn Co., Tennessee I59678
22 Pardue, Harriett E.  1910McMinn Co., Tennessee I59677
23 Roberts, Nannie E.  Aug 1994McMinn Co., Tennessee I50644


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bain, Arthur  McMinn Co., Tennessee I3792


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bain / McAffey  13 Nov 1858McMinn Co., Tennessee F6665
2 Bain / Newman  10 Jun 1858McMinn Co., Tennessee F1610
3 Bain / Patty  1 Oct 1850McMinn Co., Tennessee F1607
4 Boyd / Barb  21 Nov 1840McMinn Co., Tennessee F13353
5 Boyd / Barb  26 Jun 1845McMinn Co., Tennessee F13351
6 Boyd / Coffee  18 Feb 1858McMinn Co., Tennessee F13358
7 Boyd / Phillips  25 Nov 1847McMinn Co., Tennessee F13362
8 Boyd / Stephenson  14 May 1878McMinn Co., Tennessee F29910
9 Cooper / Boyd  25 Aug 1868McMinn Co., Tennessee F13376
10 Elliott / Kelley  20 Jun 1844McMinn Co., Tennessee F23075
11 Lee / Roberts  24 Oct 1931McMinn Co., Tennessee F19439
12 Newman / Bain  25 Feb 1859McMinn Co., Tennessee F1609