Forsyth Co., North Carolina



Latitude: 36.1200003, Longitude: -80.1875065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cofer, Benjamin Franklin  27 May 1844Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55985
2 Cofer, Eliza Lucetta  23 Jan 1858Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55686
3 Cofer, Mary Elizabeth  27 Apr 1887Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55796
4 Cofer, Melissa M.  17 Sep 1836Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55759
5 Davis, Albert  Abt 1852Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55403
6 Davis, Etta  Abt 1907Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55396
7 Davis, Felicia A.  Feb 1896Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55391
8 Davis, Jasper A.  24 Dec 1891Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55389
9 Davis, Joseph Powell  25 Apr 1875Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55372
10 Davis, Margaret J.  Aug 1899Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55371
11 Davis, Ollie  Abt 1902Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55395
12 Davis, Oscar Abner  11 Jan 1900Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55392
13 Davis, Paul  Feb 1894Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55390
14 Davis, Robert L.  11 Jun 1877Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55364
15 Davis, Rufus M.  Jul 1871Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55387
16 Davis, Silas M.  Sep 1858Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55354
17 Davis, William  Aug 1871Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55368
18 Davis, _____ R.  Dec 1896Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55370
19 Fowler, Rufus Charles  19 May 1845Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55472
20 Grubbs, Brown  2 Jul 1879Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56194
21 Grubbs, Charles Tilden  31 Oct 1876Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56193
22 Grubbs, Cora R.  9 Jan 1892Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56109
23 Grubbs, Cyrus Glenn  Aug 1888Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56107
24 Grubbs, Eliza Ann  17 Nov 1861Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56094
25 Grubbs, Essie  10 Apr 1907Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56203
26 Grubbs, James  Apr 1884Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56218
27 Grubbs, Jesse W.  2 Oct 1905Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56114
28 Grubbs, John T. J.  May 1872Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56215
29 Grubbs, Joseph Franklin  21 Sep 1860Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56095
30 Grubbs, Joseph Franklin  19 Sep 1899Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56113
31 Grubbs, Kate Belle  Jul 1886Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56096
32 Grubbs, Lewis A.  Abt 1869Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56187
33 Grubbs, Lillie C.  2 Nov 1890Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56108
34 Grubbs, Mattie Bryant  4 Jan 1897Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56112
35 Grubbs, Minnie B.  Dec 1895Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56212
36 Grubbs, Nancy R.  Abt 1866Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56186
37 Grubbs, Richard  Aug 1870Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56210
38 Grubbs, Robert H.  Feb 1900Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56214
39 Grubbs, Robert McArthur  21 Jun 1894Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56111
40 Grubbs, Robert William  13 Jul 1835Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56176
41 Grubbs, Thomas  Jun 1873Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56188
42 Grubbs, Thomas W.  Abt 1847Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56219
43 Grubbs, Virgil M.  Oct 1898Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56213
44 Grubbs, Wade B.  10 May 1893Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56110
45 Grubbs, William H.  Sep 1864Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56178
46 King, William  Abt 1862Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55781
47 Moir, Betty Sue  1 Nov 1924Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56104
48 Morris, Elsie Lee  25 Jun 1908Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56098
49 Morris, Irvin Wesley  23 Oct 1924Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56105
50 Morris, James Forrest  12 May 1916Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56101

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cly, Pauline  22 Oct 1986Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55813
2 Cofer, Gilbert Milton  6 Mar 1985Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55812
3 Cofer, James  Dec 1857Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55676
4 Cofer, Jesse James  16 Oct 1884Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55775
5 Cofer, Laura Virginia  16 Apr 1988Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55814
6 Cofer, Marcus Lafayette  Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56038
7 Cofer, Mary Ann  8 Feb 1880Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56087
8 Coxe, Hattie Esther  16 Dec 1989Forsyth Co., North Carolina I10405
9 Grubbs, Kate Belle  16 May 1977Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56096
10 Hill, Mamie L.  21 Aug 1978Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55792
11 Marshall, Silas J.  28 Jan 1957Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55746
12 Marshall, Walter Granville  14 Feb 1941Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55941
13 Moir, Betty Sue  5 Feb 1996Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56104
14 Morris, Elsie Lee  11 Dec 1988Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56098
15 Morris, Irvin Wesley  19 Nov 1991Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56105
16 Morris, James Forrest  30 Sep 1991Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56101
17 Morris, James Irvin  11 Dec 1958Forsyth Co., North Carolina I56097
18 Robbins, Elizabeth Betsey  Bef 1 Apr 1861Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55677
19 Sams, James Franklin  Jul 1978Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55991
20 Sams, Sidney O.  6 Mar 1989Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55994
21 Sams, Walter R.  15 Jul 1999Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55992
22 Young, Nora E.  22 Oct 1918Forsyth Co., North Carolina I55936


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cofer / Larimore  5 Jul 1857Forsyth Co., North Carolina F21483
2 Cofer / Wood  3 Dec 1876Forsyth Co., North Carolina F21630
3 Cofer / Young  2 Jan 1883Forsyth Co., North Carolina F21514
4 Grubbs / McGee  26 Jan 1867Forsyth Co., North Carolina F21639
5 Grubbs / Pettus  20 Dec 1865Forsyth Co., North Carolina F21620
6 Grubbs / Sullivan  5 Apr 1859Forsyth Co., North Carolina F21614
7 Grubbs / Woods  29 Jul 1879Forsyth Co., North Carolina F21638
8 Marshall / Cofer  25 Dec 1853Forsyth Co., North Carolina F21506
9 Morris / Grubbs  18 May 1907Forsyth Co., North Carolina F21615